New Mercedes-Benz SUV for sale in State College PA

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New SUVs by Mercedes Benz


New Mercedes Benz SUVs are spacious, dependable, and fancy. This guide from Mercedes-Benz of State College near Lewistown, PA highlightsall of the new products in the SUV lineup.


The GLA is a great automobile for anyone who cares about the environment because it has environmentally-friendly features. On theroad, a GLA uses its turbocharged engine to reach top speeds quickly without decreasing air quality.  

Key GLA Benefits

For State College, PA drivers who like to take adventures on dirt roads, this SUV can help you reach your destinations. You'll drift around corners effortlessly because the GLA has hardware that manages torque and traction strategically to create grip on dirt trails.


A Mercedes Benz GLB is equipped for adventures.However, Huntington, PA drivers can also use this automobile for business tripssince its cabin has a luxurious sense of style. You'll stay organized while operating a GLB during an adventure or a business trip because there are convenient technologies in the cabin.

Key GLB Benefits

The GLB has an efficient all-wheel-drive system thatincreases confidence on the road. When its engine generates torque, the AWDhardware makes changes to optimize stability and handling.


GLC SUVs are powerful because they're built withhigh-performance components. As this SUV drifts around curves, its steeringsystem enhances control as its performance parts boost agility.

Key GLC Benefits

A GLC is an ideal SUV for a small family since itscabin is an ideal size. You can buy this midsize SUV with options that suityour daily routines because various packages are available.

GLC Coupe

If a standard GLC sounds appealing, you may want toconsider buying a GLC Coupe. The GLC Coupe stands out because it hastraditional SUV and coupe characteristics. This combination helps the vehiclegenerate power and torque multiple ways on the road.

Key GLC Coupe Benefits 

The GLC Coupe provides convenient SUV perks as acoupe-style vehicle. If you need an SUV with two doors, the GLC is worth buying.


When Mercedes Benz team developed blueprints for theGLE, key design elements were included to provide fusion. Basically, the GLEhas a design that combines different aspects of a racing vehicle with theluxury of a classy SUV. If you take a seat in a GLE, you'll admire the archingrooflines and the classy interior, and on the road, you'll enjoy using itsinnovative performance features.

GLE Coupe

A GLE Coupe is a traditional GLE with a differentsense of style. The GLE and the GLE Coupe are great automobiles because they:

  • Provide dependable steering and handling
  • Provide space for many passengers
  • Have a powerful engine
  • Have a lot of space for cargo

Key GLE Coupe Benefits

In a GLE Coupe, everyone has space for essentialitems. Also, the process of staying focus on the road is easy since there areconvenient technologies in the cabin.


Thanks to enhanced design elements, the new GLS is astep above other vehicles. In the cabin, everything has been strategicallyupdated to give the interior a touch of elegance. The technology has somechanges as well; all systems operate more effectively because the Mercedes teamadjusted optimize intelligence.


The G-Class is another automobile by Mercedes Benzthat helps the environment. When this SUV travels to various destinations, itdoesn't produce heavy emissions that pollute the air. Although the G-Class haslow emissions, it still performs well by pulling consistent power from a strongengine and a multi-speed transmission system.

All of these Mercedes Benz SUVs are available at Mercedes-Benzof State College near Altoona, PA. Contact us for directionsand to learn about our newinventory. At our dealership, you can take one of these vehicles outfor a test drive.