If your car lease is almost over, it's time to think about the next steps. Mercedes-Benz of State College can help with your lease return, even if you're not leasing the vehicle through our dealership. Lewistown, PA drivers can even return their leased vehicle early, and they may be able to avoid early lease termination fees.

How to Do a Lease Return at Mercedes-Benz of State College

When your auto lease ends and it's time to turn in the car, Mercedes-Benz of State College makes the lease return process as easy as possible for people in Altoona, PA. It's best to bring the vehicle to our dealership for an inspection within at least 15 days before the end of the contract so we can take note of any wear and tear that the car may have. DuBois, PA drivers should bring all the keys, key fobs, or remotes that go with the vehicle when they return it. Other items they should have with them include:

  • Lease account information
  • Owner's manuals that came with the car
  • Spare tires or tool kits
  • Any of the vehicle's original equipment, such as cargo covers or headrests

Benefits of an Early Lease Return

Regardless of the situation, people in Huntingdon, PA will sometimes choose to turn their leased car in early. An early lease return can enable Lock Haven drivers to get out of a deal they can no longer afford if they've lost their job or are facing some other kind of financial difficulties.

Mercedes-Benz of State College may be able to transfer your lease to another driver through an auto lease trade. With a car lease swap, people in State College can avoid early termination fees. Their name comes off the lease, and their credit rating stays intact.

To learn more about how to do a lease return, contact Mercedes-Benz of State College today.

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